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XenMedia was first created to help businesses with their strategic marketing goals. To our surprise, the site has grown with us producing a lot of content and in turn receiving some great feedback from the community. 

It has now grown to be the go to national website to help entrepreneurs, corporate business & marketing professionals.

We try to be as objective as possible and reply to your questions in timely manner. The site is for you, so feel free to read, watch, comment and subscribe to anything that rocks your boat….


  • Good morning Des.

    Many thanks for your strategy advice. There’s a lot in there and I’m looking forward to working through it and applying it.

    As I mentioned on Twitter, I follow your Youtube channel and your recent posting regarding Twitter interactions engaging more can affect Twitter relating to a Twitter profile is very very interesting and helpful, as are all your other movies on Youtube and hints and tips on Twitter.

    Do feel free to use this email as a recommendation/testimonial of your service and I’ll shortly ping out a thanks on Twitter to both, mentioning @DesmondDreckett as well as @XenmediaM

    Alex - Ray Knight Casting

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