Linkedin Account Management

Your Largest Networking Tool

Not utilising Linkedin is a crime. Not only are your current and prospective clients on there. It’s one of the best ways to grow your brand, grow your sales and be relevant in your marketplace.

1. Must Do: Keep Your Profile Basics Updated!

Most companies and employees don’t update their profiles. Updating them keeps your company relevant. Continueosly update your headlines eticing people to click.

2. Brand Your Profile With a Background Photo

Have a professional background photo for each profile on Linkedin. If it’s boring and average then you won’t get noticed.

3. Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

When you first created your Linkedin profile you probably noticed those really ugly combination of letters and numbers. If your URL is still like this then you are not optimising the search engine friendliness. 

Did you know that you can fully customise this so it friendly to the search engines and is consistent with your brand and other social profiles.

There are many more……



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