Digital PR is basically public relations for the digital age – if you are looking to complement both your social media marketing and SEO efforts, then Digital PR is for you.

What is Digital PR?

You could say that digital PR is the complete opposite to traditional PR.

Traditional PR was generally intended to be used in print media (specifically newspapers and magazines).

Digital PR, on the other hand, is more targeted at helping companies become more visible online. This could happen in a variety of ways and you will find that this type of service goes to hand in hand with SEO and paid media advertising.

The Evolution of Digital PR

With the emergence of the internet, the way we market our businesses changed dramatically. No longer are we paying silly prices to Yellow Pages to be featured on multiple pages in multiple areas.

The pendulum has shifted a little, giving SMB’s more scope and a larger audience to market their products and services to.

With the decline of print media, digital media started to take its place as the preferred medium. Strangely enough, this happened a lot faster with SMBs than it did with large corporates. That’s why there’s been a sharp increase in the number of digital PR agencies available.

Businesses are no longer shackled to a few small players in the marketplace. They now have access to a whole host of opportunities to market their business online.

There’s no better marketing engine than Google – in fact, the vast majority of searches done online are based on local searches.


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