Customer segmentation

Let us take a look at your client base and divide and separate them into specific target groups. This will allow you to better serve your clients with the right products and services while marketing to potential clients with the right message and channel.

Customer lifecycle and lifetime value management

Understanding the metric of lifetime value management (LVM) is important when competing in the marketplace. Knowing the this value will shape your whole marketing strategy with regards to how much to spend to acquire a new client.

Marketing efficiency and effectiveness

Your marketing channels are the key to growth. Get this wrong by either marketing on the wrong channels or targeting the wrong client can seriously affect your sales. We can help define the right channel and measure it’s effectiveness with testing.

Don't underestimate the power of marketing

Marketing on the right
channel is key!

From the ground up our team will take a look at your exisitng marketing strategies to get a basic understanding of the client’s needs. What your goals and aims are and how your exisiting and potential clients are segmented.

We also look at the products and services you offer and the channels you use. From there we can devise a new clear strategy on how we can improve on the promotional mix and help you boost your return on marketing investment.

Our projects include:

  • Customer segmentation (based on needs)
  • Digital marketing (mobile, online, social media, growth hacking)
  • Brand and price positioning, value communication
  • Marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Customer loyalty strategies and programs
  • Customer lifecycle and lifetime value management

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