Des Dreckett
I’ve started and run several companies in the past (not all of them huge successes) and one of the questions that always kept coming up was “Should I do this myself or hire someone?”   Most of the businesses have all been one-man-band types of some sort where I start it on my own and...
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content marketing
It might seem strange that an agency would write an article like this about our industry,  however, there are some things that just need to be talked about among friends. Now, let me just say that not all digital marketing agencies give you bad advice. To be honest, most of them know what they’re doing...
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use social media
I’ll be honest with you – I wasn’t a big social media person a few years ago. In fact, I actually detested the use of it since I’m quite a private person. However, my mentor actually highlighted that my negative attitude toward social media was hurting my businesses. By not using this huge distribution network (most...
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Using Paid Media Online
Picture this – you’re walking down the Southend promenade (or your nearest beach front) and decide to pop into the local amusement arcade and start playing one of those fruit machines with the lever at the side. Every time you keep pulling that lever your fruits match and you get a payout. Feels good, doesn’t it?...
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