I used to think all my work was done just by simply sending traffic to my website. Whether the traffic was bought or came via organic searches, if I got more eyeballs on my content, I thought I was golden… But I soon realised that improving my website’s conversion rate was the other half of the problem.

How wrong could I be?

Getting traffic to my website was just half the job. Converting that traffic to leads, and eventually sales, is actually the other half of the problem.

There’s no point getting a bucket-load of traffic to your website if, when they arrive, they don’t sign-up to an offer or purchase something.

So, how can you increase conversions and stop that traffic from leaking out at the sides?

By radically improving your conversion rate, that’s how…

Use testimonials & case studies

use testimonials

One of the best ways to improve your website conversions is to add both testimonials and case studies on your pages.

These powerful tools can convince someone on the fence to make a purchase, thus improving your conversion rate.

The reason Amazon are so stringent on their reviews section is down to the fact that product reviews are a powerful way to convince someone on the fence to purchase something.

How many times have you been to Amazon looking for a specific product and never looked at the reviews?

I must admit, I never have. I always read the reviews before making a purchase, probably just to validate that I’m making the right choice.

Guess what?

This is no different for your website – your customers don’t know why they should choose you or your product over competitors and so need a little convincing to make the right choice.

Better still, try compiling a case study of your happy customers. You can either do a ‘before and after’ case study or simply record a video of them using your product.

Either way, this paints a really powerful picture of someone who took a leap of faith and is now happy with the results.

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Use video to personalise content

video marketing

There are so many companies out there looking for a competitive advantage. What they don’t realise is; the answer is right there in their pocket.

By using video content, you can personalise your website and improve your conversion rate.

Most of us have a smartphone these days. Did you know that you are able to shoot crystal-clear HD footage and upload it online within a matter of minutes?

Whether you’re offering a product or service, quickly shoot a video of that product or service in action and, where possible, include your staff or you.

It doesn’t need to be an Oscar-winning video – in fact, the more real and authentic, the better.

When your customers can see a ‘behind the scenes’ shot of the people they’re going to be purchasing from, this lowers the barriers in an instant.

If you shoot enough of them and your clients watch enough of them, they’ll start to feel like they know you without ever meeting. It’s a really powerful tool!

Add a guarantee

One of the oldest marketing hacks in the book – adding a guarantee still works a treat… If you have an undecided customer, why not remove all the risk from their purchase by offering a money-back guarantee?

This simple hack can significantly improve your website’s conversion rate.

Adding a guarantee can improve web conversion rates by increasing trust and removing friction. 

Here are some ways that guarantees can help improve conversion rates, according to the search results:

  • Increased trust: Customers are more likely to convert if they trust your brand. Offering a guarantee can help increase trust by showing that you stand behind your product or service (1).
  • Reduced risk: A guarantee can reduce the perceived risk of making a purchase, which can encourage customers to take action.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: A guarantee can improve customer satisfaction by giving them peace of mind that they can return the product or service if they are not satisfied.
  • Differentiation: Offering a guarantee can help differentiate your business from competitors and make it stand out in a crowded market (2).
  • Increased sales: By reducing the perceived risk of making a purchase, a guarantee can lead to increased sales and revenue (3).

Overall, adding a guarantee can be an effective way to improve web conversion rates. However, it’s important to test different types of guarantees and see what works best for your business..

Do you offer a guarantee on your website?

Make sure it’s prominently displayed and not hidden away at the bottom of your page.

add a guarantee to your website
source: www.bbb.org

Incorporate strong calls-to-action

Most of your customers will need to be guided through your sales process. Even when customers are ready to buy, they still need a little push to get them over the line.

By incorporating strong calls to action on your website, you can guide them and improve your conversion rate.

It’s your job to point them in the right direction by having:

  • Prominent ‘buy’ buttons.
  • Prominent sign-up forms.
  • Your contact number is clearly displayed and available on every page.
  • A bit advanced, but you can display a count-down timer on a product page where the offer is time-sensitive.
  • Offer an incentive if they sign up today, this week, or this month.
  • Offer a tripwire to coax them into a lower-value purchase.

Let your readers know exactly what you want them to do next, whether that’s clicking a button, reading a blog post or filling out a form.

add a call to action to your website

Implement content upgrades

Implement content upgrades

If you’re looking to grow your email list like a pro (and you should be), then try installing “content upgrades” within your business. This strategy can help you improve your website’s conversion rate by providing additional value to your readers.

So, what exactly are they?

A content upgrade is basically an eBook, whitepaper or video that has additional information on the topic you have posted on your website. Your reader will need to opt-in (provide their name and email address) to receive this additional information.

Content upgrades can either be triggered by a:

  • Link within your content
  • Sign-up form within your content
  • Button within your content

Why are they so powerful?

It’s an ethical bribe to gain an email address from your readers – the only difference between this and other bribes is that the content is based on the article they are reading.

So, if they enjoyed your article and want to find out more, they can basically opt in to get the additional information.

It’s a lot easier to get people to opt into something they actually want instead of them opt in due to curiosity.


If you’re getting plenty of traffic to your website, congratulations! The only thing you could probably improve on is your conversion rates. Try these five strategies and see how they can help you improve your website’s conversion rate.

As a percentage, how many of your visitors are either signing up or purchasing something? If this number is low, then there’s definitely room for improvement.

There are several other factors that might influence conversions, however, try these five and see how you get on.

Don’t forget to make sure you have analytics software installed on your website. At the bare minimum, ensure you have Google Analytics installed.

What have you done to increase your web conversions recently?

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