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Part 2 – Maximising Your Google My Business Listing: Information Management Guide, or

Part 3 – Show Off Your Business with Google My Business or

Part 4 – Showcase Your Products or Services with Google My Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Part 5 – Leverage Google Assistant to Stay in Contact: A Practical Guide for Business Owners

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Part 7 – Boost Engagement with Regular Posts on Google My Business: Your Essential Guide

Part 8 – Mastering Google My Business Reviews: An In-depth Guide to Boost Your Online Reputation

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These instructions are for the Google My Business Checklist (Free Download).

Understanding customer behaviour and interactions with your Google My Business (GMB) listing is essential for optimising your online presence.

The Insights feature in GMB provides crucial data about how customers are finding and engaging with your business online.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Insights in Google My Business to make data-driven decisions and enhance your business growth.

Accessing Insights

Start by logging into your Google Business Profile. On the left menu, click on the “Insights” tab to access the different data sections.

Understanding the Searches Section

This section provides insights into how customers find your business. It shows the number of users who discovered you via Google Search or Google Maps, allowing you to identify which platform drives more traffic to your business.

Diving into the Customer Actions Section

The ‘Customer Actions’ section shows what customers do after finding your business. It reveals how many customers clicked on your website, requested directions, or called your business.

By analysing these metrics, you can understand what actions potential customers are most likely to take, which can help you tailor your online strategy accordingly.

Exploring the Photo Views Section

The ‘Photo Views’ section indicates the number of views your photos have received. This data can inform you about the effectiveness of your visual content in attracting user attention.

Analysing the Popular Times Section

The ‘Popular Times’ data reveals when customers are most likely to visit your business. This can assist in optimising your operational hours or scheduling staff to ensure maximum efficiency during peak times.

Interpreting the Messaging Section

The ‘Messaging’ section shows how many customers have messaged your business. If this number is high, consider placing a greater emphasis on maintaining and managing this mode of communication.

Leveraging GMB Insights for Business Growth

Insights in GMB provide valuable data to drive decision-making processes. Use these data points to enhance your online presence, whether it involves optimising your website, updating your business hours, or adding more engaging photos.

Remember, it’s vital to check and update your GMB listing regularly to ensure all information is current and accurate. Regularly reviewing your Insights data can help you track changes, adjust your strategy accordingly, and identify areas for optimisation.

If you encounter any questions, problems, or suspensions with your GMB listing, Google’s support resources are readily available to assist.

In conclusion, harnessing the power of Insights in GMB can provide valuable understanding about your customers’ online behavior, enabling you to make informed decisions and ultimately drive your business growth.

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