Twitter Marketing
The 10 BS Twitter Myths Everyone Gets Told & Why You Shouldn't Listen
So, I wrote this article because I constantly get the same questions dropping into my inbox and thought I would address some of them in this post. There are a lot of myths about Twitter flying around at the moment. Some of them are right, but there’s a lot more that is wrong. The points...
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Digital Marketing Outlook For Small Businesses in 2018
The digital marketing outlook in 2018 is going to be very similar to how it has been for the last few years. This means most of the trends that you saw in 2017 are going to continue into the new year. For example: Both local SEO and mainstream SEO will still be as important for...
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Top 6 Twitter Management Tips to Increase Your Followers Organically
If you’ve been using Twitter for any length of time, you’ll know that having conversations is the heart of any social media marketing strategy. Twitter is a little different from other social media platforms in the way it works.  For example, it allows you to jump in and out of conversations seamlessly without annoying anybody,...
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Introduction Twitter didn’t come easy to me… Bear in mind, I’ve never really used social media up until 2017 and couldn’t see any reason to start. If there was a list of social media channels for me to use, I can guarantee Twitter would be just about as far down that list as you can...
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