Video Marketing
man recording from mobile
Every year Animoto looks at the trends in the video marketing space and it publishes it’s 2018 State of Social Video: Consumer Trends Report and it’s accompanying 2018 State of Social Video: Marketer Trends Report. It does this to show how consumers are influenced by brands that use video and how they interact with them....
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Businesses Now Have More Ways To Target YouTube Viewers
So, it looks like Google is trying to build their search based tools outside its search engine. What exactly does this mean? YouTube Advertising For any of you who have advertised via YouTube, you know that the platform is a little bit different to Google Ads since the vast amount of tools available in Adwords...
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Is a Youtube channel right for your business?
You are probably well aware that there are many ways to promote your business online, however, it seems one of the most overlooked places to market your business is YouTube. As a marketing agency, we constantly scratch our heads, wondering why people don’t use it more often, bearing in mind it’s the second-largest search engine...
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