The State of Video Marketing in 2018 [Infographic]

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Every year Animoto looks at the trends in the video marketing space and it publishes it’s 2018 State of Social Video: Consumer Trends Report and it’s accompanying 2018 State of Social Video: Marketer Trends Report.

It does this to show how consumers are influenced by brands that use video and how they interact with them.

The process involves surveying 1017 consumers and analysing their answers. From this, they were able to produce both a video and a nice infographic to display their results.

The State of Video Marketing in 2018


So, what did they find?

  • Out of all media online, video seemed to be the number one choice of format for consumers to get their information from brands.

This makes total sense – as we are such visual creatures and are able to consume much more content visually than if something is written, the fact that consumers prefer a video format doesn’t surprise me.

  • If a brand brings out a new product or service, the consumers in the study were more likely to hear about it via video on their favourite social media platform.

This just shows you the power of a moving image in someone’s feed. In my opinion, it’s a lot easier to grab someone’s attention, if the image is moving in their news stream than either text alone or a static image. However, the job is only half done. The video production needs to be good quality, including a well-crafted story and be able to convert those eyeballs into subscribers or customers.

  • Instagram is the fastest-growing platform for driving purchases with video.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Instagram is fast becoming the social media platform of choice for all age groups (particularly millennials). If your business is B2C, it would be wise to start developing a video marketing strategy that takes advantage of the traffic that Instagram drives at the moment.

Getting the right blend of organic posts and ads is key here – it’s never been cheaper to advertise on Instagram. In fact, I can almost guarantee that prices to advertise will increase in 2019 as more brands see strategic advantages in getting their brand in front of such a targeted audience.

Social media: The visual storefront

If your brand or business isn’t using social media platforms to publicise your product or service, then you are almost certainly leaving money on the table. Today’s consumer uses social media to check out your brand to learn more about you before they decide to purchase.

In fact:

  • 73% of consumers stated a brand’s social media presence has had an impact on a purchase decision.
  • 32% of consumers also report visiting a brand’s social media page before visiting a brand’s website.

Branded video on Instagram

As more and more consumers are looking for video content on social media, Instagram has grown to be the market leader as a place for brands to drive engagement and sales.

The fact that Instagram has, by far, the highest engagement when compared to other platforms means that brands, large and small, need to be posting content on there regularly.

  • 48% of consumers stated that a brand’s video on Instagram has affected a purchase decision. This rose from 31% when Animoto asked the same question in 2017.
  • 49% of consumers on Instagram have watched a video on IGTV. Of those who have, 70% have watched a video on IGTV from a brand.

Producing video on social media is a marketers dream

Visual content has always trumped written content as a medium to communicate effectively to prospective customers. It’s much easier to convey your message and story tell, as you have the ability to speak directly to your prospect in a language, tone and perspective they understand.

  • Social media is the top reason that marketers have created videos in the last 12 months.
  • 73% of marketers create at least 2 videos a month for social media.

What are consumers watching?

This section of the survey was most interesting to me – knowing the type of videos that people are watching the most is information gold – from those results, you then have the ability to craft your videos around them.

  • How-To videos.
  • Videos about sales and promos.
  • Top 5 lists.

The “Top 5 lists” was interesting… Not 10, not 15, but 5. I’m guessing that the length of video on social and the consumer’s attention span has a lot to do with this.

Xenmedia’s take:

This is a great report and the stats aren’t really that different from last year’s survey.

One key takeaway is that Instagram is the go-to platform if you want to gain high engagement for your videos.

We always knew that “How-to” videos were very popular on the likes of YouTube and Vimeo,  however, the “Top 5” lists stat piqued my interest and I will be recommending to our clients to start producing more of these.

What did you think of the infographic and study?

Has it compelled you to start producing more video?


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