Chart of the Day: 94% of Facebook users do so from a mobile device as it hits an astonishing 2 billion users worldwide.

It’s hard to imagine that Facebook has only been around for 13 years, isn’t it?

Kind of feels like they’ve been around forever…

So, as they reach a breathtaking 2 billion active users worldwide, bear in mind there are 7.3 billion people on the planet – that’s some pretty amazing statistic for a 13-year-young company.

To put some perspective on it, that’s 1 in 4 people in the world logging onto Facebook.

It makes you wonder how all of these active users are logging onto Facebook and exactly what devices they are using?

(Cue Des’ rant about not enough small businesses changing over to a mobile option for their website or adapting it so it’s responsive)!

The chart I’m about to show you takes a sneak peek at exactly which devices people are using to log on (warning: some of these facts may surprise you).

The data was taken from Facebook’s own Audience Insights tool.

Global Facebook Users by Device

Now, according to Gartner, Android has an astonishing 81.7% share of the global mobile market. Of the 94% of Facebook users logging in, 63% of them are logging on with an Android device.

Facebook Users by Device Global

What I didn’t expect is that 0% of users are logging in from a Blackberry device or that only 0.3% are logging in from an iPad – did this surprise you too?

So, are you ready to start advertising on Facebook? If you’re not, just think about how much money you could be leaving on the table?

If you are ready, check out Facebook’s audience insights. This is a targeting tool that helps you target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behaviour and more.

As a side note, is your website optimised for mobile yet?

Take a look at this website on Mobiletest.me. This will show you what your website looks like on multiple mobile devices.

It’s a site we like to show potential clients when prospecting for new web design business.

How do you use it? It’s quite simple actually….

Using mobile test me
If your website doesn’t look good or you have to pinch the screen in or out to resize it at all, then you need a more responsive design that resizes to any screen size.

Get in touch if you would like some help with this.

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