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Using Paid Media Online

fruit machinePicture this – you’re walking down the Southend promenade (or your nearest beach front) and decide to pop into the local amusement arcade and start playing one of those fruit machines with the lever at the side.

Every time you keep pulling that lever your fruits match and you get a payout. Feels good, doesn’t it? Using paid digital media actually isn’t like this, but it’s pretty damn close…


Each time you pull that lever potential clients are matched to your ads, allowing you to convert them to leads or actually purchase something from your website.

You not only get to target your buyer or potential lead directly, but you can also channel them through any specific sales channel or lead generation process you like. Getting them there is the easy part – converting them is harder. However, using paid digital media is probably the most efficient and best ROI in advertising second only to referrals.

Leveraging Killer Marketing Channels

By killer marketing channels, I’m describing just a few of the big players below. I can’t tell you which one to use in this article since the one that works for you and your business will vary depending on your particular niche. What I can tell you, though (which is why I’ve listed it first), you generally can’t go wrong with Google as a starting point.


The largest search engine by a mile, generating more traffic than the others combined. This behemoth is Google’s golden goose that just keeps on laying.

Their advertising platform is called Adwords and it’s quite simple to sign-up and get started. If you already have a Google account,  signing up is even easier.

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Owned by Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine and social media platform. The difference is, being a video sharing site, your ads can be in both text and video form by way of “promoted video.”

Advertising on YouTube is still a green advertising platform with very few businesses actually advertising there. This means the competition to get your ad seen for your particular niche is a bit easier. Also, due to the sheer amount of views videos get, the cost per click (CPC) for your ads is still pretty cheap.

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Microsoft’s Bing Ads is pretty much the poor relative of Google when it comes to paid ads. They are a much smaller ad platform and don’t get anywhere near the same amount of traffic. However, there is a silver lining – running ads on Bing ads is cheaper and the amount you pay cost-per-click (CPC) is much cheaper.

There are also other advantages. Bing allows you to assign different campaigns to different time zones. So if you market your product or service to different parts of the world, then this is ideal.

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As far as advertising goes, the Twitter ad platform is relatively new. If you have a business Twitter account (and you should) you are able to target followers of individuals in pretty much any niche, which is much better than LinkedIn. You can target individuals if you’re running an event or show, and even track the stats in the dashboard to see how your ads are performing.

A lot of Twitter traffic comes by way of mobile users – this is great if you want to target people on the move or on a daily commute to and from work.

Note: You can also target followers and individuals of the competition. Depending on your niche, this is a pretty powerful feature.

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According to eBizMBA Rank, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, followed by YouTube. The power of their network means you can create what they call “custom audiences.”

The beauty of custom audiences is the ability to target audiences you already know via the information you have previously collected.

custom audiences on facebook


Lead Page – Facebook wants all of their users to stay on the platform without being diverted to external websites. With this type of campaign, Facebook gives you the ability to collect lead data without using a landing page.

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instagram ads

Instagram is a social network based on shared pictures, GIFs and also now video. It’s owned by Facebook which means you have the ability to market on both platforms simultaneously.

The beauty of Instagram is since it’s still quite a new platform, the engagement rates are simply off the charts! In fact, it has the highest engagement rate when compared to other social media sites.

If you haven’t started advertising on Instagram yet, give it a try. It’s still early days and the CPC’s are affordable.

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Snapchat is one of the newest social networks. This popular app allows users to send pictures and video. It’s also a popular messaging app, mainly used by millennials with a 32.9% penetration on the demographic’s mobile phones. If your target market is based around the 18-34-year-old market, then this is for you.

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The Benefits

Direct Path To Your Client

Maybe you’ve done a bit of offline paid media marketing like leaflet drops or local newspaper advertising in the past? The problem is, this is mass advertising with a “suck it and see” approach. It’s also virtually impossible to get any stats or market intelligence from advertising like this.

Using paid digital media ads allows you a direct path to your target market at a time, place and platform of your choosing. For example, you can show your ads to just men/women, young/old, at 2 am to 5 pm and in text or video. The options and choices are endless.

CPC’s Are Low – Great ROI

If you have set up your accounts in the right way, then your CPC should be relatively low, depending on the size of your budget and the size of the market you are targeting.

Use Of A Landing Page

A landing page is sometimes referred to as a “lead capture page, “destination page” or “lander.” A lot of inexperienced businesses send their paid traffic to their homepage which is a big no-no – the chances of converting your traffic from your homepage is pretty slim.

The landing page’s job is to produce leads for your business for future follow-up or persuade clients to buy. For that reason, the overall design, structure and feel of this page have to be different from your other pages.

an example landing page

Source: Indie Game Girl

The picture above is just an example of a landing page used by gaming companies. However, there are a few elements I want to draw to your attention.

  1. Use a strong headline to describe your product or service
  2. CTA button (above the fold) – this means you can get your client to take action with no need to scroll down the page.
  3. A video is a pretty powerful marketing tool, as you can better explain your product and showcase it in a better light.
  4. Features – This is where you get to outline the best features of your product/service
  5. Testimonials are key to a landing page. This shows that previous clients are happy with your product/service, happy to recommend and more importantly, that you can be trusted.
  6. Depending on your niche, it may be an idea to not to link to other pages on your website or have social media links (especially if you want the client to subscribe or sign up for something). The idea is to give them very few options, once they land on that page other than to complete the action you want them to.

Lead Generation

Using paid digital media allows you to collect leads. You can then re-market, call, text or email this client at a later date. This is what we call a marketing funnel. You’ll want to funnel as many clients through this lead generation process until you get to the perfect client for your business.

marketing funnel

Of course, you may follow the same process in offline paid media. However, the speed, accuracy and the ability to measure results just doesn’t compare.


If you market your business offline at the moment, then you probably already have a sales funnel in place. Using paid digital media can get you the same, if not better, results. By using Google, YouTube Bing et al, there are several platforms where you can show ads for your business to either get leads or produce sales.

Tip: If you have never done this before, take a look at where your competition is advertising. This will give you an idea of just what may work in your marketplace. If you have the budget, try them all, test to see which platform gives you the best results and ROI and then focus all of your energy and marketing budgets on the ones that work.

It might be easier to use a digital marketing company to carry out this task for you. There are so many places to advertise online now with a better way to reach potential clients, you may find the task a little daunting.

What channels have you used before? Any that haven’t been mentioned?

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