Instagram Is Now More Popular Among Teens Than Snapchat
A new survey has just been carried out by the investment bank, Piper Jaffray. It released its annual “Taking Stock With Teens” report on Monday with some interesting facts that won’t go unnoticed among my marketing peers. The report included results from 8,600 teens in the United States, across 48 states with an average age...
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The Fast and Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website2
We produce several social media and website audits for our clients and one of the most popular questions we get asked is: “How do we get free traffic from Google”? Believe it or not, there are several ways; some you may already know and some you may not. Some you may have forgotten and others...
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Google is closing down Google plus - sad face
It looks as though Google is finally doing what many of us in the industry have suggested for a while now and is finally putting down its beleaguered and failed social media network, Google+. It’s not putting it out of its misery straight away though – it’s using the Chinese torture technique of applying a...
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It's Not Always a Good Idea For Small Businesses to Act BIG
It’s Not Always a Good Idea for Small Businesses to Act BIG One of the benefits of working with lots of small businesses is that we begin to see trends. To be fair, some of them are good but most of them – not so much. So I’m going to use this article to outline...
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Businesses Now Have More Ways To Target YouTube Viewers
So, it looks like Google is trying to build their search based tools outside its search engine. What exactly does this mean? YouTube Advertising For any of you who have advertised via YouTube, you know that the platform is a little bit different to Google Ads since the vast amount of tools available in Adwords...
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Instagram Tests a Way to Add Hashtags to Posts Without Placing Them in Captions
So it looks like Instagram is testing a couple of new features which are: Adding hashtags to a post without appearing captions Setting locations for your Instagram stories Jane Manchun Wong who’s a computer science student and blogger shared a few screenshots of these new features on Twitter. Unfortunately, Instagram declined to provide further clarification...
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Is a Youtube channel right for your business?
You are probably well aware that there are many ways to promote your business online, however, it seems one of the most overlooked places to market your business is YouTube. As a marketing agency, we constantly scratch our heads, wondering why people don’t use it more often, bearing in mind it’s the second-largest search engine...
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Increase Blog Traffic
You know how it is — it’s totally pointless even having a blog if you aren’t driving any traffic. And even if you are driving traffic, it hardly matters if it’s the wrong type of traffic. The problem is that you’ve heard all about businesses who spend small fortunes each year on driving traffic and...
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The 10 BS Twitter Myths Everyone Gets Told & Why You Shouldn't Listen
So, I wrote this article because I constantly get the same questions dropping into my inbox and thought I would address some of them in this post. There are a lot of myths about Twitter flying around at the moment. Some of them are right, but there’s a lot more that is wrong. The points...
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8 silly mistakes small businesses make
With the holiday season fast approaching this is probably the best time to start planning for your busiest period. Getting ready for this period is a lot easier for a larger company but for a smaller company, there’s a great deal more work to do. There’s a reason for this is. A small company has...
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